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Welcome to Lifedreams Unlimited. Our purpose is to bring you uplifting information that will open you to your dreams and true purpose. If you've come across our web site, you are probably looking for answers to specific questions about healing, dreams, spiritual awareness and other related ideas. Our web site is a door to learning about your spiritual identity and how to discover your mission. We will be evolving to offer you tools, resources and on-line courses. We invite you to bookmark our site and to visit us often.

Darlene Montgomery, creator of Lifedreams Unlimited, is a speaker, author and coach. She writes and speaks about the relationship between dreams, events in our lives and how these lead to our own divine purpose as soul. She is author of Conscious Women-Conscious Lives: Powerful and Transformation Stories of Healing Body, Mind and Soul and, Dream Yourself Awake, the author's personal journey to uncover her true mission through dreams, past lives and waking dreams.

You are welcome to explore our website and to take advantage of the tools that are available here for your own unfoldment. In the future, we will be offering on-line courses, tele-seminars and other methods for you to find your spiritual purpose.

Special Invitation To a Workshop With Darlene Montgomery at Grail Springs

July 18-20: Learn to Trust Your Signs! The power of Synchronicity, Dreams and Intuition

We are in a constant state of dreaming. Life communicates with us constantly through daydreams, night dreams, synchronicity, intuition and more. At first we may ignore these important clues. Learning that spirit uses these clues to guide us, teach and protect us is an important step in consciousness.

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