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In this extraordinary collection of personal revelation, women share their deepest and heart-felt experiences of healing from loss, illness, and accident. These stories show how the journey of facing some of life's greatest obstacles can be followed by a joyous emergence from the darkness of despair, and a return to the light of life, love and new wisdom.

Themes include facing and overcoming the death of a loved one, receiving love in challenging times, recovering after painful divorce, healing and finding purpose in life after the unimaginable grief of losing a child, surviving and triumphing after life threatening illness, to living our greatest dreams and overcoming life's greatest challenges.

These true stories written by women, for women, help open the heart, heal the spirit, and bring peace of mind during some of life's most challenging times. As each author brings a treasure from her own rich experience, she contributes to the pool of wisdom we share on this planet of how each of us can meet our greatest fears to rise again with wisdom, grace and courage. Whatever challenges you presently face, these stories offer hope, reassurance, comfort and proud examples of the resilient nature and courage of women.

Compiled by Darlene Montgomery, author of Dream Yourself Awake and Associate Editor and publicist of Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul and the best-selling, Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul every story is original and every one true. Many have been written explicitly for this unique collection and are from all across North America.

It is a book filled with messages of hope that only women can provide to other women.

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