Darlene Montgomery's life was devastated by the sudden onslaught of terrifying and painful physical and emotional symptoms that mysteriously arose after a dream. By following the messages of her dreams and waking dreams, she discovered a spiritual blueprint that led her to a more direct path of truth and spiritual awakening.

The blueprint foretold an agreement made as Soul before this life to learn to accept greater abundance and success. Confronting her fears of creativity and personal success led to healing and resolution.

But first she struggled to free herself from the grasp of a deadly mind parasite, found to be the true cause of the physical, mental and spiritual maladies, which were plaguing her.

As she did, her world began to open to greater understanding and spiritual awakening. Darlene found answers in the messages of everyday life and through dreams.

This true story, told in everyday language, answers many of life's deepest questions on the nature of dreams as a path of unfoldment. This sensitive easily understood exploration shows that dreams are important signposts on our journey to discovering our true mission as Soul.

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