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Conscious Women, Conscious Lives is a book series that has left me both transformed and healed. I was introduced to Darlene Montgomery when I came across the book Conscious Women, Conscious Mothers. This book not only made me cry, but it gave me an overwhemling sense of connection with mothers and the common triumphs and tragedies that affect us everywhere. Thank you, Darlene, for doing this work and for being committed to the healing of our planet through the healing of our individual hearts.
Leta Hamilton

Author, The Way of the Toddler

Host, "The Way of the Toddler Hour"

The Way of the Toddler Hour

Hi Darlene, I picked up your book at the library yesterday and needless to say, I've already finished reading it. I'm a recent university graduate finding myself in a cycle of administrative jobs downtown working for with an employment aganecy. I find myself in a cycle of short-term contracts with big banks and law firms and I can't help but feel like it isn't working for a reason. I don't exactly enjoy what I do, as a matter of face I feel like a larger piece of my soul is calling out for me to stop taking these jobs and have faith in something greater. I find myself unemployed again because my latest contract ended a couple of months ago and I'm faced with little money to pay the bills and the only opportunity ahead of me is yet again with an Insurance company. My higher self knows the only way to break the cycle is to say no, and have faith in a higher power but when faced with a dwindling bank account and rent to pay, it feels like the test is beyond even my faith in the universe.

I guess I'm writing to you to let you how timely your book is and how it literally made me cry so hard at certain parts I had to put the book down.

I think it's no accident I read it when I did, I need that inspiration now more than ever.

I want to thank you for writing the book and for putting that energy out there. It really is a huge source of comfort to know that others have been where I am and have managed to surrender and listen to their hearts and have everything work out.

Thanks again, Teresa Bialkowska -----------------------------------------------------------------------

I value your books very much. I cried and cried when I read CWCL. So much truth in that book and so many lessons for me. Thank you for these books. Take care and looking forward to seeing you Friday!

Darlene, Congratulations on the new book ...read it and loved it ...know of several recent widows with whom I shared your book and they loved it ...the death of a spouse has really awakened their female friendships and both found your book amazing as well as comforting ....well done! I understand sales are booming ...you (and Bill) must be thrilled.

I read your book a few days ago. Many thanks to both you and the contributors for a warm, emotionally-charged experience. Many stories were sad- yet compelling and somehow comforting. I only hope the title doesn't keep more "men" from reading it. Oh well, maybe they'll pick up "the Wife's" copy-who knows? Thank you for the literary journey.
Rob Reid
Orillia, ON

I've been reading the book and savoring each story. Honestly, if this book doesn't inspire hope and happiness, nothing will. I am laughing and crying as I read it. Thank you!
Love, Bren

Yesterday, I lent your book to a woman who is going through a pretty rough time She came in this morning and told me it is a life transforming book. She loved it, and the stories were exactly what she needed. One in particular was the standing woman story, she is moving to Saskatoon in June and that's where this woman who lives. She said she felt like she was in the middle too! She said she balled her eyes out throughout the book. She particularly liked the fact that you had email addresses at the end of the book. She also wants to find out more about ECKANKAR. She looks like a totally different person today than she has in months! What a wonderful channel for the ECK you are! I almost felt like crying this morning with the love just dripping out of her! She wants to use the book for her spirituality class that she teaches (she is studying to be a minister), so I'll just have to buy myself another one! Take care,
All my love